Bad news ;( ;( ;( I just can't think! Everyone hate me. I never wanted this to b happen. GOSH! I HATE IT! U know what, all of SMK DEK students hate me. They told each other what's bad on me. Not just that, my bro that I've known about 7 years, didn't recognize me anymore just because he was influenced by them.. Gawd, I hate thiss.. But this is not entirely all my fault. Guys, look at the mirror! Yall didn't know me yet rite? Don't u all try to judge me before you didn't know me yet, cos I am the boss of myself.

So here, now, I wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH for everyone who did tell the bad things 'bout me.. Look at yourself, and watch your mouth! Then I wanna say SORRY for everyone who hurted by me. I don't want ppl to hurting or hurted. Last, sorry to my best sister, Ce Angel Bertha. Sorry to bother your relationship.
I beg you to forgive me ;( I never want to have any enemies in my life. peace love xoxo -Jonas

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