Hello guys. I started my day normally yesterday. Tats ytd, not today. Bad news again??! That's the thing.. Who the heck wants to live miserable? Urgh, I'm tired of anything. I never thought that the CHEYO would be like this..

Hmmm.. Didn't I tell the Cheyoers I'll spare my time for ya all after finish my exam right?? When I was exam, you guys got together n had really fun events. But when I finished my exam, why u guys do hostile? I DISLIKE this so much.

I saw my phone in the morning n read Fredy's msg, "Mami.. I'm going out from Cheyo..
Hopefully the family will be happier and peaceful :)" ERGH. Though 1 member go away, I will resign. Sorry for all ppl.. Mayb when I entered ur life, everything going wrong. God pls show me the best way.. Hope this problem will end soon. I don't want the Cheyo break so fast.. Coz i love them so much :(

Updates soon. love xoxo -Jonas

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