Hi guys! This is my first post, hahaha. It's been sooo long time, I was so busy with school stuff, so I just can made it and no updates at all. I really do forget the blog, I'm twitterer n facebooker. So ya guys follow me @chzjonas on twitter and Christyaputri Jonas on facebook. I will followback and confirm yall asap.

Oh ya u know guys, I just finished the semester exam today. I went home at 10am. The last exam is english subject. Ok, I rly afraid of my score in my report n rank will I get. And HOLIDAY is coming! Jonas will having vaca in Pekanbaru, and visit my friends in my hometown, Padang. Then, the Cheyoers will havin fun-fun-fun!!! Hehehe, this is great man! I'm going to the ninth gradeee.. Third class, im comiiing.!!

I'm happy to write this first post, lol. I love yall! Updates will coming soon. xoxo -Jonas

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