Peace n Happiness, like what I've dreamed...

GEEZ! Sorry for the late update guys. I was stuck and crazy in the previous problem. The crappy things made me down. I decided not online for a few weeks, but there are limits of human patience. I can't hold on for so long, so I tried to figure n solve the prob out. And yeah, I write this post for the good news.

Be at peace with them, tats the bravo. I solved the problem on my polite way, so u guys no need to rough and high-tempered, k? 1 bad news, I lost my bro... :( He chose his girl. I am so disappointed of him.;( I cried so loud ytd n 2days ago, but if tat would make him and his girl happy, I willing....

U know guys, there was a sweet girl who was helping me in this. She is Reyna Clarissa Kosdi. She is the BEST OF BEST person after my parents I've ever known. Gawd! She always be there for me whenever I got down. She always accompany me anytime in joy and sorrow. I love her damn much. She is my best friend, ever. Thanks for every single thing, dear :)

She gave me a quot that rly motivate me:
"If someone is strong enough to bring you down, show them you're strong enough to get back up :)"

Check updates asap! xoxo -Jonas

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