August is wonderful, happy fasting (:

First, happy fasting for those who celebrate it (: I never thought tat now is August dy. 2010 runs so fast. Bulan puasa ini gw harus tahan emosi, kontrol diri, jangan buat orang lain batal puasa. Not just me, u guys are too. Dan ternyata banyak sekali godaan yang muncul.. Sabarlah put, you're strong (:

Just back from Pku.. A short holiday was wonderful. Gathered with 4 others was sooo cool! Lived in the small and out-of-the-way house, slept in the small room, got 5 people on 4 beds, awww fun! Smack down, tickling each other, playing DGN, shopping, eating, hanging out, get tired.. Happiness comes when we live together, laugh together, n every single things we do together! No matter what, I don't care about the house and the others bad things, togetherness made my days :') Surely i don't wanna leave :( but yeah, school stuffs.

Anywayss August 8 is my mommy's birthday. YEAAAPP! Koki Sunda waited me tat day. Haha.. Happy birthday mommy, I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH.

I've seldom open the facebook, this blog, ya the others.. Browsing.. Youtube.. I go DGN everyday. Sempet maen dulu tp pensi gara2 gempa, but now im gamer. Sayangnya inet disini suuuper susah. Di Pku lancar abisss, HSDPA gitu loh! Edge?? (n) deh. Lemottt, banget.

Bulan ini FULL campur aduk! Short holiday was about 4 days but for me it was 6 days. Overall I through the days with smile on my face. Ytd Cheyo gathered at "markas" aka Leo's house. Though not all the members, but yeah we had fun. We played some little fireworks? crackers, and the others.. Laughing all night long with Vera, Fredy, Leo, Eddward, Chris, n Vincent.

5 days left. Indonesian independence day. "17 Agustus tahun 45.. Itulah hari kemerdekaan kita.." Please sing the song!

with love, -Jonas

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