Is learning English important? YES IT IS.

Hell-O. Tiep hari hujannnnnnnn mengguyur kota ini.. Bra, Singlet, Uniform, Jacket. HAHAHHAHAA.. Btw anak kelas 9 super banyak deh yg ga masuk hari ini, entah kabarnya sakit, entah kabarnya hujan, entah ga ada kabar. Tadi beneran diingin banget. Temen gw si Tika kmaren ney kemalangan, plus dia sakit kuning. Kasian yah, cepet sembuh ya sayyy...

Anyway, tau dari si Raymond gila nih, kalo hari ini Chinese Valentine Day. Kalo emang iya Happy Chinese Valentine day deh.. lol. Today after school we went to Sutra's house, the junior. Ya as u guys know tat she got an accident, I'm not really sure the day and date.. Oh God pls send her a beautiful flower to bring her up. Hopefully she recover soon so she can go to school with no sickness at all.. I feel sorry about tat, I can't see her suffer like dat, her face has broke, many wounds on it. Get well soon Sutra, God bless u as always..

Just saw my sister's blog, it's http://smileay4ke123n.blogspot.com/. Sorry for publicating but it can make you become more popular, is it? Raawrrr.. Saw it just like I feel so motivated. You use English in every posts, that's interesting. Initially I used them but I'm rly crazy to think "Ini apa ya bahasa inggrisnya? Aduh post bahasa indonesia aja deh.." So overall, I decide to use English, I try to. I have to learn them, many vocabs n grammar.. Thx baby, I miss you so :(

xoxoxoxo -Jonas

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