These are annoying things..

1. I hate when you're communicating with the other girls, though they're not yours. Sorry, I'm jealous.

2. I hate when you're talking about any girls, even some of them are artists, I'm jealous too.

3. I hate when a lie comes in every 'good nights', then what the heck are you doing?

4. You know I'm a girl I need romantic things, I hate when you don't even care about me, no sweet words.

5. I hate when you tell me that I'm selfish but you're too! You need a self-introspection.

6. I hate when I offer you any suggestion for your bad attitudes, then you're mad at me! You are selfish, please correct them all!

7. I hate when you judge me doing something I don't. Trusting is the only key in a relationship!

8. I hate when you're not replying my message.

9. I hate when I really worry about you when you're suddenly disappear, then you're back like no incident at all. Without 'Sorry to make you worried me'. You act like stranger.

10. (BB user) Well I know what is D and what is R, so I hate when it's R but you're not replying it.

11. I hate when you're lying or backstabbing me when you're mad at me. Just tell me, I want to know the truth.

12. If you tell me so I can fix my own faults then it won't be happen anymore.

13. Please don't just quiet in a silence, if we have problems just solve it in patient way.


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