I was DEK sec school's member but I'm not since Sept 09. I was in 8-1 but I was in 8-B too. I had to be in 9-1 but the fact I'm in 9-A. You got that?

Have you ever hear 'lost'?

Sure u have. Maybe lots of lost you have heard. Anyone who are in love or broken heart, there are million lost.. Just like "I'm afraid to lose u" "I lost my sweetie" "Lost is the most thing I hate.." n many more. So do I. It's not losing a partner, but losing friends, life, hometown.

I have a traumatized of earthquake. You guys oso know about that. Everything has change, the town has destroyed and collapsed. I moved to Payakumbuh 9months ago, so that means that I started a new life, I have new friends. I've been able to adapt here. Firstly, I was down.

But everything changes so fast. I could bear all that loads. It's a bit comfortable in here. Tho I really wanna go out from this small town. I don't know, I can't understand.

Friends make me wanna stay here longer. Sounds crazy but yeah, they made my days. At the first time i'm a new student I can't survive.. But life goes on, I have to keep moving forward, I have big dreams, I have to reach them. Everything is reversed now..

I can't leave my craziest friends :'( Absolutely I'm gonna miss them all n cry loudly when the graduation ceremony. You guys are superrr!!

Cheers, -Jonas

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