Welcoming August, say hello to your friends

Happy Sunday everyone! Happy friendship day! Say hello to your friends, do spend most of your time with your friends, do happy things with your friends, but it doesn't mean that you only care today. Show them you're their best friend, you care, you love. Love your buddies everytime!

Welcoming August...
Happy 5months Reyny♡Dylly. Everlasting relationship my dear, be the best in his heart, aweee I love you. Now seems miss Jonas is sooooo busy (again) with her school stuffs. D'oh! Assgs n exams come arouundddd!! So bad to know the headmasters tot tat Sept 20 we'll have mid term, geee!! Time goes so fast le! I hate that third grade must study focus and seriously. Tml i have so many homeworks n tests. My brain is not enough memoryyy, ughhhh:( I miss holiday dy since school goes like this. Mayb I have so many complain, "manja", n the others.. but this is on my mind.. Tweet me if you hate homeworks.

So now.. Kesehatan gw lg lemah, bukan cuma gw, tp smua temen2 gw. Setiap hari bergilir sakitnya. Kasihan si Tari n Berry, udah kira2 seminggu blm masuk. Gws ya guys.. Cepet masuk biar bisa ktawa2 lagey (: N now i start to study!

Updates soon! Love, Jonas

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