20092010 (20Sept'10)

Baby, everyone who have the same age with me also don't know who are their mr or mrs. right.
Until they find their right partner to live with til die, that's him. The correct one.
Some people who are in love sometimes say "true love will never dies"
And some say "I promise I will be yours forever" or "I promise I will be right here waiting for you"
For me, saying a promise is not that easy like people do!
I observed some people broke their promises for many reason but they say "I don't even give any promise for my ex right? Don't make a wrong fact."
One of the reasons is knowing a new girl/boy who is more care than his/her ex.
Or found another girl/boy who is really talented, handsome, pretty, cool, the others.
Don't give any promises if you can't keep it til die! Promises are debts!

Another side, just like me. I have a boyfriend. But I can't say "He is my mr right, forever"
Then the true answer is "He is my mr right for now, still wishing he's the one who will be grow old with me together forever."
I have a long distance relationship that so suck, that everyone do not want to.
My life looks like world war III or just like my poo-poo (read: shit) when a fight starts between us.
Fights in a social network things are not sexy, dude!
Yeah, I hate long distance, although I know that distance can't separate us.
Fighting in a virtual world is just like lose in a game. Madness.
Every relationships are always accompany by madness. It gives color to the relation.
Many people said I'm a strong girl but I think I'm weak exactly.
Crying all the time no matter how small the problem is.
Some said I'm strong because I can bear all the fights for this 11 months.
They told that they once had a long distance relationship but can't hold on so long.

Oh God this world is so small friends!
So yeah, from all things we through together for this almost 11 months, I learned many things.
I learned how to be strong and not act childish anymore,
I learned how to survive and solve when we get in fight,
I learned a strength from my weakness, coz weakness never bring you down, but bring you up.
Bcoz you learn from weakness, from mistakes, from adventures, many more.
Sooner or later we will know what's the meaning of life,

This date; 20.09.2010 very very reminds me of our relationships from Octo 09.
I'm just still hoping that you're the right person and the one who will grow old with me till the end of time.
Love; 4 letters, 1 word, million meaning.

I love you so much, F.
Xoxo -Jonas

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