The best generation of Padang

photo copyright: Andre Setiawan

Have you ever lost your close one? Or your beloved one? I have. Not really close but neighbour called close right? Near actually.

I call this post "Wake me up when September ends"

Today is the day. It's been a year already, and I'm just still can't believe the truth. Traumatized has attacked me. Actually, I don't want to remember things a year ago, unfortunately in fact I don't have an amnesia, so I can't forget that one, the chronology of the earthquake a year ago, very detail.

We lost some is not the reason why we have to down and weak personality. Life goes on, and we have a strength to live. Just like me, I'm separated with my bestfriends, some stay, and some are having a great life in their new hometown. Thinking that they're happy now, so they have no need to regret but they were grateful for the incident. I don't have friends like that though.

I'm separated with my daddy too. He's in another city now, having a new job there. I do miss him damn much, but what we could do is waiting. I live just with my mommy.

Don't you ever regret what has happened, because that's your way to live. God never want to bring you to a cruel life if you believe in HIM and not forgetting HIM in everyway. Some people say that the earthquake has change rest of their lives, has made everything goes wrong. But beside that, BELIEVE that GOD has another plan for us. Things change by the time, precious moment we through all the day.

We got new lessons from experiences, and that experiences come from our new life after the incident. Maybe we always have a selfish personality without that earthquake..

Many people died on that day. We never know when we are going to sit beside Him, but for sure we know people exactly come and leave, even they are our beloved. I just can't say a word, everything has changed. I used to be cry whenever something reminds me of it but now I'm not and I wonder why, because I'm a maudlin person. I try not to complain and not always sighing, becoz I know that there's one meaning behind of this all.

I am a dreamer. All I wanna do are reach my big dreams and become the pride of my parents. Give my parents long life and always healthly without pain and suffering in their old life. Let them know that I love them so much..

I learned so many things after move to this small town. I learned how to be strong and always happy, how to survive without people around, how to be patient, learned what is LIFE and it's much greater than I know. Sense a new friendship, what a togetherness is, what a solidarity is and many more. Live in here is much better than I though at the first.

But yet I'm still missing my old Padang's life, old friends, Padang's typical foods, and the OLD PADANG. A bit change but not the same as before 30 Sept 09. Come up, my hometown!!

...the best generation of Padang...


  1. even if that fucking earthquake has destroyed everything, still there is an unbeatable thing that we're believing that "rainbow is still on its post" to show how big the God's power really is and to make us realise that God keeps His promise.(RS)

  2. I know right, thanks alot ;) Who's this anyway?