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It's been a week and a day we go to school since holiday. And we also know almost all schools start examination on 20th ago. We through the daily exam last week, and today is the begin of try out, this is my first try in junior high school. God, the matter to study are lessons from 1st class until this 3rd class semester one. Indeed, it's similar with final exam in elementary school grade 6, but we regularly know that primary school has no physics, chemistry, biology (in primary as known as Science but not including three of them), history, and another subjects (I don't know if today's elementary school has experienced changes and developments)

Today's exam are Indonesian language and maths. I am Indonesian, still wonder why must still learn the language? This one is truly unimportant lesson, i never want to care in every Indo tuitions that I've attend for this 13 years, totally a boring subject. I wonder why does that subject is one of the required things in national examination. The second problem is; though math is my favourite, but it was quite hard. Stuck in few numbers take lots of time. I really do forget the 1st and 2nd class, we just can wait the result in the bulletin board, and I know people just can pray and wish so that no bad score or they will be ashamed to the junior ("what kind of senior are they, mom?")

Well as usual, I through my days normally. Wake up, pray, take a bath, study a bit (if there's an exam), have a breakfast, a little smile on my face and get ready to go to school. Just like people's daily life, facebooking, msn-ing, skyping, blogging just like me, or another absurd things to do. Study is another problem, it's night job (i lol in this). Sometimes I miss my old life, my Padang's life, my DEK's friends. Where got not, it's 27 already and it almost 30, counting down 3 days left. The day of the earthquake last year. While seeing all the photos taken in 2006-2009, tears drops on my blouse. I just can't realize it's a year already.. I can't realize I live only both with my mommy, separated from my daddy in Pekanbaru ;(

God please take care of my superdaddy and my brothers there. I know God love us all, Father never leave people whether in need or good enough to live. And wish me luck too in tomorrow's tryout.


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