Be it

Puh-leaseee? Can you please let me happy for even a little while? Or you don't like n wanna be like me? So hmm you're jealous or.. whatever!

Another slut gang who wants to disturb my life, again??! Is my life too great to you to know? I think people have beautiful ways in their own lives. So what's the interesting thing that makes you really wanna interfere? and is there something bother you then I could stop it? Hahahaha.. Fuck off! I don't even know who you are but I know you got pain in your ass. It's not my problem. I never enter your life n never wanna know what's inside.. I'd never stab or betray you but you did. Don't try to pit me, shit.

Jealous can't be like me? Yes you have to bcs there's no one can be the duplicate Christyaputri. I don't want to care actually, but self esteem is self esteem. I have my own tenet n i know you have too. Just tell me if you don't like me or my life is so bothering so I can remove you from the list.. You can't be so adorable like me? ARE YOU PERFECT ENOUGH TO JUDGE ME?

I am what I am, the most that i know. N just be it! I do what makes me happy, I live for me, I'm happy with all that I am! ah, go away, hypocrite...


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