JS - Officially Missing You - Tamia (cover)

Ah, leaving for few days, no updates at all, I even can't remember the last post I wrote n when was it. It was so normal n absurd thingy.. Waited for the day, the day that mom had to comeback home accompany me, bring a good news even a short one, I would appreciate n i was officially missing her.. I spent my time with my new camera, took more objects than myself's pictures, n that was so boring things. Phoned with friends with also boring conversation, I didn't know how to boost my mood and back like the happy days I've through.

Oh my dear blog, so many story to tell you but I realized my blog is public, so sorry I just tell privacy in notes. I just can't have a consistent mood like before, laughing honestly without pain...

Get bored? How if you hear this one? So soft.. I bet you will love them, enjoy ;)

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