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Welcoming October. October must be "TGIF" but it's "FF" aka fucking Friday. Thinking that the first day of new month will be great and better than September but it turns out.. Not like what I wished, but not really bad. Otherwise, people seems get a happier things than last month. Okay I try not to compare my life with others and not always complain! ;)

Not really suck. Yesterday I just had an October wish, God please keep my parents always safe in your hands, give my oldest brother a better life later, give my second brother a strength to find the best job for him, BLESS THEM ALL... Then what? Thank God, You hear my prayer and You grant it!

And what is the other? Wishing that problems will solved in October and yes, God hear me for twice. Just wait for the third, still on a camera. *sigh* So? Please correct paragraph one. I don't think I have a bad Friday coz I never hate Friday and it usually give me luck. Problem started in the end of Sept, problem ends in the beginning of October. Friday started with tears, ends with smile turns on my face! Today ends with GLORY OF FATHER.

Don't judge a book from the cover. Maybe the cover of October make us frightened, but see page by page you will surprised of something.

Be grateful for whoever you are ;D XO, JONAS

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