Triple A

Attention please,
I don't know what's wrong with my facebook. People message me that they can't add me up. I just make my account setting to "friends only" but does it means people can't add? I don't think so, becoz some of them can and others don't. So If you can't, just message me and let me add you. Thanks.

Some of my posts refer to my own life. I thought it was not important for visitors and readers, so I decide to make this blog better with useful posts like how to motivate people, how to do something or how to learn something, some tutorials, knowledge and the others. I'm still trying to, because person's life is not always straight, sometimes I have some problems and don't know who is the one to share with, so I express my mood or my story to blog. If that would make you too lazy to go to my blog, then I would share you posts that you love and not including my own life's stories.

Any questions?
Suggestions are allowed in chat box or email me at christyaputri96@hotmail.com or you can also contact me in twitter @chzjonas and facebook; Christyaputri Jonas (don't forget to read paragraph one first) If you have a blog too although not dot blogspot just share! I will visit yours, and I will add your site to my friend list.

xo, Jonas

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