New page in November

I'm starting a new life with new hope after leaving the full-of-sadness October.
And I know right, my birthday is on 13 so I'm counting down from now on.
Can't wait for my day and every special things this month.
This November will be better without freak people that would break my days.
Obviously, I wish it's not just a dream.

No updates from October, myself-privacy that I couldn't tell here.
Also there's no good story to share with visitors.
And school stuff always be the worst reason.
Firstly, I broke up with my last boyfriend.
Then I finally realize that my love story has begun from here..
I'm looking for the right opportunity to write, but there always be a fear haunts me.

God, I know my lovelife won't stop here.
Life goes on and I'm sure I will find my right one.
Keep spirit, myself! Don't be afraid to live this life!
Sunny November is waiting for me! XO-JONAS

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