I am 14 in 13!

November 13, 2010

"Kututup catatan kecilku hari ini.
Kisahku belum berakhir, tapi aku akan memulai sesuatu yang baru.
Membuka halaman berikutnya, membuat catatan kecil selanjutnya.

Aku menunggu cerita perjalanan hidupku setelah ini.
Masalah-masalah yang akan datang yang akan kupikul.
Kebahagiaan yang akan kutangisi haru."

I'm officially 14 today...

Firstly, I'm very grateful for what God has given me and blessed me for this 14 years. Life is beautiful and I know mine is beautiful in it own way. I also want to thank my parents who always accompanied and guided me into a better direction, taught me how to survive, and taught me anything. You both are my all! And my 2 brothers that always educate me, gave advices and jokes whenever I'm down. Special thanks to brothers and sisters I've known even in virtual or real, you guys bring me up so much. The teachers, especially Bu Wawi, I'm ultra motivated by you, you're a part in my life! My family that always support me in any ways! My besties who always be there for me in joy and sorrow. And thanks to all my friends, you all are my mood booster!

For all who unwritten here one by one, you know you all are mine and I'm just can't write so many people here. Sorry, but you guys still the best!

Next, super thank you for the surprise tonight! Thanks to Tika, Via, Valentine, Nancy, Febby, Hana, Gina, Fredy, Andri, Chris, and Eddward for attend my birthday party this night. I'm happy to the max! Kiss&Hugs ;)


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