2011.. I'm back..

No December hello? Hhh.. It takes time to tell what's happening in my life. Well, just want to inform that I'm back. After several days didn't give any update, now I can't believe it's 2011 already. Firstly I want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011. Indeed, you guys were having a great new year celebration with family and friends. Not forgetting the firework yo! :)

Hi, I'm back from the daily life. I was thinking to deactivate this blog but... Yeah, there're always new stories to write in this. Blog, a public diary. Anyways, you know, everything changes. Life, friendship, love.

Holiday? I don't feel like it's holiday, seriously. FYI, principal has informed that third grade would have a tuition during holiday. WHAT? (read: ARE YOU NUTS?) During holiday? Please, nothing's gonna change what I've waiting for, holiday! I have told her that I'm NOT going to that tuition but she didn't allow me to skip. After great difficultly persuading her, finally she gave me permission. But... "Remember, you have to come back on 27. The tuition starts." Ha! Am I stupid? I won't let myself come back here with anger. Let's have some fun!

I don't even care what would happen to me. The important thing to do was just having fun. Yeap! Having fun! Once again, having fun! Ups, I was celebrating Christmas and New Year BBQ in Pekanbaru, with family and friends. And now, I'm here. Stuck in the small town. Missing my dad and brothers so much, and in the same time I'm excited to meet my friends too! I went to school recently. Friends.. Humor.. Laugh.. Life is good..

Love, let it flow...

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