Hello fellas!!! Its been very looong long time since the last time I write. I really love to write but yeah I'm sorry, school stuffs. People asked me to post again but hehe truly sorry! But at this time I will try to take a lil time to check my blog.

Many things had happened in the past and I think I'm not going back to tell ya what was going on. Life is kinda flat and sad and hard and stressing sometimes. Owww what I have to explain to you is my sixteenth birthday. I have the best November ever!!

I'm a kind of girl who loves to be surprised. Something like this ever crossed my mind out of my sudden: my boyfriend would surprise me in my birthday by come to my house at 12. Hmmm I thought it's not gonna be happen because my birthday is in Tuesday which he has to go to the campus. 'No...' I've always said that and really check that in my brain when I started to expect such impossible things.

I was laying on the bed checking recent updates from my Blackberry. My boyfriend told me that he was going to Makrab (Malam Keakraban) it's like event in his university yeah something like that. So he apologized because he would have a lot of activities that he couldn't text me the whole time. He was going for 3 days, Sat, Sun, and Mon. You know that my birthday is in Tue, so you know what I mean. No one would come to my house in the middle of the night. Then I thought maybe he would send me bucks of roses or another gift by Tiki. Because one day he asked me about Onet's personal msg. I thought he doesn't have her BB pin. He asked my address, perhaps.

He said that he was going to sleep for a few hours and will wake up at 12 to have a call with me. I was bbm-ing with Onet as well and suddenly Onet asked me to open the front door. I was like, huh? I opened the door and had a heart attack. Who the heck is that? Yeah.. There was no Onet. 'That's Evan!!! That's my boyfriend was standing in front of the door with his jacket wet because it was raining.' Many things was spinning around my head and I was really... shocked and speechless. Without saying a word, just staring at him. Keep thinking that I have to believe this is not a dream. This is R-E-A-L-I-T-Y!

I've never surprised at 12 in my birthday, by a boy even a girl. This is the best thing I've ever felt. It's really nice to be loved by a person who wants to do such amazing and sweet things. There's no need to bring romantic gifts, you are my unpredictable gift..:)


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  1. How lucky you are ! What a romantic video ! I'm soooo jealous on you ! Wish i can get something more romantic than that ! hahahah !